LG Chem Announces $820 Million Investment in US Battery Cathode Factory

battery cathode factory

Buckle up, green-tech fans, because LG Chem, a South Korean powerhouse in the battery world, is making a major move across the pond! They’re investing a whopping $820 million to build a battery cathode factory right here in the USA. That’s a big deal, especially for the booming electric vehicle (EV) industry. Please always visit … Read more

Ethical Debates Surround Deepfakes and Synthetic Media

Deepfakes and Synthetic Media

At Lawful Cash, we are devoted to bringing you first hand Tech News. In this very article, we are going to be looking into some recent Ethical Debates that surrounds Deepfakes and Synthetic Media. Now, have you ever Imagined seeing your favorite actor in a brand new movie trailer, but something’s off… they look younger, … Read more

Google’s Ai Chatbot Bard Takes On Microsoft’s Chatgpt

Google's Ai Chatbot Bard Takes On Microsoft's Chatgpt

You are welcome once again to Lawful Cash, wher we give you first hand Tech News. Remember those quirky chatbots you used to play with years ago? Well, hold onto your hats, because the next generation of AI conversation partners is here, and they’re ready to rumble! Google’s Bard and Microsoft’s ChatGPT are the top … Read more

The Emergence Of AI And Machine Learning

Ai and machine learning

The world is going into a future powered by AI and Machine Learning (AI/ML). And the experience if really going to be mind-blowing! These machines are not just science fiction anymore; they’re painting portraits like Picasso, driving cars like seasoned taxi drivers, and predicting diseases before they even appear. In Lawful Cash, we give you … Read more