Free auto trading Deriv Binary Bot With 95% Win Rate

Hello Derive Traders! You are welcome to this page. Here in Lawful Cash, we guide you through all you need to know about Forex Trading. Are you a Derive Trader? searching for a good Derive Binary Bot? Then you are at the right page. I will be sharing my free Binary Bots that has a 95% win rate. Consequently, I have been using this bot for a while, and it is really helpful and gives me exactly what i want in Trading.

I don’t like stressing myself. All I do is, enter my Deriv account, load my Deriv binary bot, and running it from 10PM to 6AM in the morning. In essence, I run the binary bot by 10pm, go to bed, wake up at about 6am and stop the bot. Take my profits and go for my morning gym. Cool right? Yeah! Know you would also want same bot binary and win rate too right? Then hang on. Please make sure you read to the ending, because the link to the get the deriv binary both with a 95% win rate is there.

Overview of auto trading Deriv Binary Bot

Forex Trading is a very good experience, especially when you have the right experience. To be a successful Trader, you need a good knowledge of Market Analysis. And also need a good trading strategy too. But, this Auto trading deriv binary bot is meant specifically for two people:

  • Those that doesn’t have the time to trade
  • Those that can’t trade at all

Binary options have made it easier for traders to trade comfortably. The bot binary helps to handle your trades even when you are away. All you need to do is run the bot and go to sleep, wake up and stop it. Then withdraw your money immediately if you want. Deriv formally known as has an inbuilt tools, that helps you to build a blog. You don’t need the formal programming skills to be able to build your bot, as has provided an inbuilt tools already. All you need to do, is drag the tools and drop on the appropriate place, till you are done setting it up.

Importance of Deriv Binary Bot with a 95% win rate

There are so many Deriv Binary bot out there built by so many traders. But just a few of them have a good wining rate. When I wasn’t able to build Binary bot, I searched for many Deriv Binary Bot, but just a few gave me 40% of what I wanted. But one day, I luckily ran into one bot that was giving me a 85% win rate, And I made so much money from it. Not until I lost access to it. I was so challenged that I started learning how to build a Deriv bot. My first bot was not really a good one, but at least I was very happy I was able to build my own bot at last. I gradually was improving until I got to a master level. Now I build functional 95% win rate Deriv Binary Bot.

Most times, trading yourself can be very hectic and tiring. This is the point where you need a Trading Binary Bot to help you trade. A good trading binary bot can make you a lot of money easily than trading it yourself; that is if the bot is well built with a good strategy implemented. Basically, a robot binary helps you to trade. It handles all your binary trading for you. Just like I said above, Binary bot with a high wining rate is a good one to go with, as the amount of risk is very minimal.

How To Load and Run a Deriv Binary Bot

1. Sign In/Sign Up to your Deriv Account

To load binary bot, you need to first of all login to derive. Sign in if you have an account already, and sign up if you don’t have an account. Below is the first thing you see when you sign in:

The picture above if the first thing you would see when you login to your Deriv account.

2. Switch to Binary Bot/deriv bot

To switch to Binary Bot or the deriv bot, you need to click on the deriv trader button on the top left side; The place i marked on the previous image. Then it displays like it is on this particular image, then select either the Binary Bot or the deriv bot. Then deriv binary bot will work on any of them. But for the sake of this class, I will be selecting the Binary Bot option.

3. Load Your Deriv Binary Bot

Once the binary bot page opens like on this picture. Click on the open icon i circled above, to open your file and load the bot. Please make sure you test run the bot on your demo account first to avoid issues. So be very mindful of the account you are running your bot on. Either on the Demo account or on the real account. Once you click on open and selects the bot file, it loads automatically.

4. Run your Deriv Binary Bot

After loading your deriv binary bot, you the next thing to do is to play it to start running. The play button is at the upper middle side of the page; that is the place I marked. So once you play it, it will start running; check the second picture. Then let it run to the point you want it to stop.

It’s either it stops by itself when it reaches its maximum profit or maximum loss, according to the setting. Or it stops when you choose to stop it. You can make your withdrawal after trading or leave it on your account cashier.

How to get the Deriv Binary Bot With 95% Win Rate

Getting the deriv binary bot with 95% win rate is not too hard though. But on the other hand, it is pretty much hard too. It is not hard to get if you know how to build the bot binary, and you also have a good strategy. On the other hand, it is hard to get if you can’t build a good bot yourself. Also getting an already built bot with a 95% win rate is hard.

But don’t worry, I and my team have dedicated our time to build some deriv binary bot with 95% win rate. We have tried this bot countless times and it works like fire. We have received so many reviews about our bots and how our users are using it to make real money.

If you want to get this Deriv Binary Bot with 95% win rate, please contact us on Whatsapp, with this Whatsapp number: +2349061402152.


Deriv Binary Bot is really a helpful tool for traders, especially those that don’t really have the time to trade. Many traders have made so much money with bot binary. It is one thing to have a binary bot, and it’s another to have a deriv binary bot with a good wining rate. Just count yourself lucky to find yourself on this page. Make sure you contact that number above to get this bot and make so much money like others are doing. Thanks for reading guys! See you on my next post.

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