How To Write High Quality Content For Blog

Hello bloggers! hope you are having a wonderful journey in your blogging job? You are welcome to this page where we will be treating how to write high quality content for blog. At Lawfulcash, we are dedicated to providing you with firsthand information on Blogging and other Tech solutions.

We have many factors that influences the success of you blog, which are;

  1. Your Niche
  2. Your Contents
  3. SEO Practices; both on -page and off-page SEO

But for the course of this page, we are focusing more on the Contents. How do you write quality contents? Now jump into the next subheading, let us begin.

How To Write High Quality Content For Blog

A quality content is very important if you must rank on google or SERP. Google does not joke with quality contents as that is their most regarded prerequisite. Google places more emphasis on contents written for real humans; that’s, the contents must be of a great value to it’s readers. Below are steps on How To Write High Quality Content For Blog:

  1. Understand your audience
  2. Thorough research
  3. Create engaging headlines
  4. Clear and structured writing
  5. Hook your readers
  6. Provide Value
  7. Visual Elements
  8. Edit and Proofread

1. Understand Your Audience

The first thing to do before writing a blog post is to understand your audience. Who are you writing for? The understanding of who you are writing for, makes it easier for you to tailor your post appropriately to the write audience. Instead of writing at random. Are you writing for a blog? or you are writing for a marketing purpose? It is important you have a clear definition of your target audience first, before writing. This is one important thing to check when considering how to write high quality content for blog. Also make sure you write to address their needs, and also provide solutions to their needs. So in essence, Please make sure you provide answers to their questions.

2. Thorough Research

How To Write High Quality Content For Blog

It’s good you put in confidence and expertise in what you are writing. And this can only be achievable through in-depth research. Researching gives you this whole knowledge about what you are writing. Anyways, you may say, after all, I already know about the topic I am writing. But that shouldn’t stop you from researching more on it to add to what you already know. Additionally, When writing, make sure to backup your points with data, statistics, and real-life examples.

In-depth research is one important thing to do when considering how to write high quality content for blog. Just like i said above, make sure you do a well structured research, as this will help. Anyways, the ball is in your court.

3. Create Engaging Headlines

The first thing that attracts readers is your headline. You may have a very wonderful content, but no one would check it out if you don’t have a good headline. Therefore, taking your time to craft a good headline is very important. While creating a headline, please make sure you create a headline that represents exactly what you have written about. Therefore, don’t create a headline that is different from what is in the content of the article, as this is considered as clickbait. And clickbait is against google policy.

Creating engaging headlines is one big thing to look into when analyzing how to write high quality content for blog. Make sure you use strong and compelling words, to entice readers to click to read.

4. Clear And Structured Writing

When writing, please write with clarity. Keep your writing clear, concise and easy to understand. You don’t wanna write what your readers would not understand, would you? Use your headings properly, and make sure you spread it across the article properly. Below are a list of things to do when writing:

  • Don’t write more than 300 words for each heading
  • Don’t write more than 150 words for each paragraph
  • Use shorter sentences. Don’t write more than 20 words for each sentences.
  • Be authoritative and confident, with your writing

The above 4 tips will help to make your writing clear and well structured. So look for every means possible to make your writing clear and well structured.

5. Hook your readers

Start your writing with a compelling introduction that hooks your readers, and makes them wanna read to the ending. Nobody wanna read a boring article. In as much as you are providing a valuable content, try to make it fun to read as well. Also try to share stories, ask questions, and include interesting facts when writing. As all these, will keep your readers glued till the end.

Make it very interesting from the beginning to the ending, so that your readers can easily come back again whenever you post. Hooking your readers is one thing you must do if you are considering how to write high quality content for blog.

6. Provide Value

If there is anything google does not play with in a content, it is its value. Apart from writing a high quality content, does your article provide real time value? does it provide answers to the questions of your readers? Does it provide solutions to their problems? In all, just make sure your content adds and provides real values for your readers, as this will help in ranking your blog well on google search engine and on SERP. So, are you thinking of how to write high quality content for blog? then consider writing a high quality content that provides real value. Your contents should be written for real humans, not just because you just feel like writing.

7. Visual Elements

There is this popular saying that a picture speaks louder than a thousand words. When writing, try to include pictures to your content. Using pictures gives your readers a better understanding of what you are trying to explain. Not only pictures, you can also use chats too. Visual Elements also helps in SEO, as it’s one SEO elements that will boost your blog. In conclusion, make sure you add pictures to your articles, as this will help it to rank properly.

8. Edit and Proofread

The last tip on how to write high quality content for blog, is the Edit and Proofread tip. Please after writing your contents, make sure you edit it and proofread also. This is very necessary to make your work look professional and reduce the amount of erros. Or even completely eradicate the errors especially when you use editing software like Grammerly . This grammerly helps in detecting and removing grammatical errors from your article.

Editing and Proofreading is one important factor to look into when considering how to write high quality content for blog. You wouldn’t want your readers to read a content full of so many errors. I bet you, they may never come back again to your blog.


So the above are the steps on how to write high quality content for Blog. Just like I said above, writing a high quality content helps your blog to rank properly on google and SERP. At least, google believes in delivering high quality contents to its users. So if your contents are not of high quality, then your blog would hardly be ranked by google search algorithm. As an SEO expert, I would tell you that high quality content is not to be taken lightly. As this is one of the prerequisites of a good SEO practice. Although, the last google updates doesn’t condemn AI contents unlike before, but the quality of the article is what matters to them. This is to show you how high regards, google places on high quality content.

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