Pasha Petkuns & Ashely Mathew Finally Sign The Divorce Later: See Exactly What Happened

Hey Everyone,

I hope you’re all doing great. I really appreciate all the support you’ve given me. Today, I need to talk about something tough.

Talking about personal stuff is hard, but I want to be open with you. A lot of you know about my past relationship. We had good times and bad times together, and those memories mean a lot to me.

But sometimes, life takes us on different paths. After a lot of thinking and many sleepless nights, my partner and I decided to go our separate ways. It was a hard choice, but we both understand it’s for the best.

I’m sorry if this news is surprising or upsetting. I know you all care a lot about my life, and I don’t take that lightly. This announcement is hard for me too.

Even though it’s a sad time, there’s also some good news. I’ve started a new chapter in my life with someone amazing. This person really gets me, and we’re starting a hopeful and happy journey together.

I’m not telling you this to make you feel sorry for me. I just want to share what’s going on in my life. As I go through these changes, I hope you can keep supporting me.

Change is always a part of life. It can be tough, but it also helps us grow. I’m still committed to you all and grateful for your love and support. I’m excited to share new stories and adventures with you.

Thanks for understanding and for all your support. Let’s keep moving forward together, facing life’s ups and downs, and staying strong as a team.

Lots of love,

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