Twitter Blue Relaunch With A New Verification System

You are welcome to Lawful Cash where we deliver first hand Tech News. In this article, we are goind to be discussing the Twitter Blue Relaunch. Elon Musk’s Twitter is shaking things up again with the relaunch of its subscription service, Twitter Blue. This time around, the biggest change comes in the form of a revamped verification system, tied directly to a paid subscription. I personally is a full subscriber to this Twitter Blue, and i must confess, I am really enjoying it well.

What’s New In Twitter Blue?

Gone are the days of free blue check-marks, signifying a verified account. Now, users who want that coveted blue badge next to their name will need to shell out $8 per month for Twitter Blue on the web, or $11 per month if subscribing through the iPhone app (thanks, Apple!).

But wait, there’s more! Twitter Blue isn’t just about bragging rights. Subscribers will also get access to a range of additional perks, including:

  • The ability to edit tweets: This long-awaited feature allows you to fix typos and make small adjustments to your tweets after they’re posted.
  • Upload higher-quality video: Say goodbye to grainy footage! The subscribers can upload videos in 1080p resolution.
  • Custom app icons and themes: Personalize your Twitter experience with unique app icons and themes.
  • Early access to new features: Be the first to try out Twitter’s latest and greatest features before they roll out to the general public.
  • Longer tweet character limit: Double your tweeting power with a limit of 4,000 characters (up from the standard 280).

New Twitter Blue Verification System

The new verification system aims to address concerns about fake accounts and impersonation. To qualify for a blue check-mark, users must:

  • Have an account that’s over 90 days old.
  • Have a confirmed phone number associated with their account.
  • Be “active and notable” in a specific field, such as government, news, entertainment, or business.

Twitter will review all applications for verification, and the company reserves the right to remove a blue check-mark if a user violates its terms of service.

The Big Picture:

The relaunch of Twitter Blue marks a significant shift for the platform’s monetization strategy. By tying verification to a paid subscription, Twitter is hoping to generate additional revenue and attract more active users.

Whether this move will be successful remains to be seen. Some users are excited about the new features and verification system, while others are concerned about the cost and potential for abuse.

Only time will tell if the 2.0 will be a game-changer for the platform, or simply another experiment gone wrong.

Additional Notes On Twitter Blue:

  • Twitter is currently rolling out the new verification system in phases.
  • The company has said that it will eventually offer verification to everyone, not just paid subscribers.
  • Twitter has been criticized for its handling of verification in the past, with some accusing the platform of being biased and inconsistent.


The relaunch of Twitter Blue is a major development for the platform. Only time will tell whether this move will be successful or not, but one thing is for sure: it’s sure to shake things up in the social media world.

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