8 SEO Best Practices 2023| SEO Content Strategy

I am here again guys! Hope you all are cool? Blogging is my passion, and teaching people how to make it in the blogging and Digital Marketing industry is also my passion. As a blogger or a Digital Marketer, you need to get used to SEO practices. This is needed to help you stand out from the crowd. I am a professional SEO specialist, with years of experience. So just consider yourself so lucky to be part of this class. As a blogger or a Digital Marketer, you need to understand well the SEO content strategy. In this article, i am going to be outlining the best SEO practices you can ever find anywhere. So stay put and enjoy the ride. I love you!

Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing your contents for search engine ranking. As a blogger, or a Digital Marketer, there are so many people doing exactly what you are doing, so how do you stand out from them? This is where you need a good SEO practice to stand out. Anyways, we have two types of SEOs, the On-page SEO and the Off-page SEO. The On-page SEO has to do with the SEO practices you do within your blog/page. Ranging from the technical aspect, down to the contents. While the Off-page SEO has to do with SEOs done outside your blog/page, like external Link building. To read more about SEO and the types, please click here. But for the course of this topic, we are going to be generalizing all the strategies, including the SEO content strategy.

8 SEO Best Practices 2023| SEO Content Strategy

Below is my compiled list of the best SEO content strategy. I took time to arrange them like this based on my professional experience as an SEO Specialist.

  1. Identify the right keywords
  2. Create relevant and quality contents
  3. Optimize page titles and descriptions
  4. Optimize images
  5. Use internal links
  6. Optimize URLs
  7. Reduce website load time
  8. Build quality back-links
  9. Regularly update your contents
  10. Conduct regular site audits
  11. Develop page authority
  12. Optimize meta description

1. Identify the right keywords: SEO Content Strategy Step 1

Keywords are very important when it comes to SEO content strategy. Keywords have to do with the words or phrase people search the most on google or other search engines. Now this implies people want to know more about those keywords, so to stand out, you write on those keywords to solve their problems, and in return get much traffic. I would advice you always search for high ranking keywords, as that would drive more traffic to your site. Although, one mistake most people do is to use key-phrase not related to their niche. Please no matter how high the key-phrase is on traffic, if it’s not related to your niche, don’t use it.

Anyways, you can use many key-phrase for a particular content, preferably, 5 key-phrases if possible. But please don’t forget the place of relevance or helpfulness in the content, even while trying to use many key-phrases. In essence, it is better to use just one key-phrase than use many key-phrases that makes the contents makes no sense.

You can comfortably use tools like Semrush for a good keywords research

2. Create relevant and quality contents: SEO Content Strategy Step 2

One thing most search engines don’t joke with is quality and helpful contents. Helpful contents is one important SEO content strategy that you shouldn’t joke with. They want to make sure their users/readers get a first hand well crafted contents. So at such, they tend to rank those high quality contents, so their readers/users can get first hand contents. Therefore if your contents are of high quality, then be sure to be among those ranked well. So in essence, just ensue your contents are provided to help people.

3. Optimize page titles and descriptions: SEO Content Strategy Step 3

To be able to rank well on any search engine, be sure to optimize your page titles and also the descriptions. Pages like your Contact us, About us, Privacy Policy are meant to be well optimized. As these are very important in helping your site rank well on search engines. The first thing a reader sees and picks interest on is the title of your contents. Please make the title of your content very appealing. And also make sure your focus key-phrase is included on the tile of your contents, as well as on the description too. So in essence, try to use a catchy title and also make sure to include your key-phrase on your title too. As this is necessary for a good SEO content strategy.

4. Optimize images: SEO Content Strategy Step 4

There is an adage that a pictures speak more-than a thousand words. Please try to include pictures/images to your articles as that will go a long way to help your readers understand your point very well. Not just including pictures, also try to optimize them as well. Add your focus key-phrase to your pictures’ meta tags and pictures’ title too. This will help make your pictures/images be so visible on search engines, so that when someone clicks, it directs the person to your page. Image optimization is one important factor to a better SEO content strategy.

Bellow are some tips you should observe while optimizing your images:

  1. Don’t use crowded pictures
  2. Use alt text for your image descriptions
  3. Try to use suitable titles for your images and also use targeted key-phrases
  4. Use high quality/resolution images, but please be mindful of the sizes

So image optimization not only helps you to pass your message well, but also helps you to rank better on search engines and other platforms too.

Internal links helps in linking your related pages together. This is very necessary as helps your readers gain more insight about the topic your are explaining. Google and other search engines love internal linking because it helps give readers more details about what they are searching for. So as such, they tend to pick those pages with good internal linking, and rank them well. So this is to say that internal linking helps in ranking your pages on search engines. Internal linking is one important step not to overlook when dealing with SEO content strategy. Although there are so-many WordPress plugins you can use for internal linking. Plugins like Yoast, but i rather prefer you do it manually yourself. Doing it manually will help you carefully interlink all your contents.

6. Optimize URLs: SEO Content Strategy Step 6

Create an optimized URL, that simply tells what your content is all about. Make sure your key-phrase is included in the URL. Although, if you are using YOAST SEO, then it automatically creates an optimized URLs for you without you going through the stress of trying to create it manually. A well structured URL helps the search engine to understand what your content is all about. And this will help them to index and optimize your content faster and rank it adequately as well. A well structured URL is one very important part of SEO Content Strategy.

7. Reduce website load time: SEO Content Strategy Step 7

Google places a very high preference on page load time. It’s termed User Experience. Google and other search engines does joke with user experience. No user would want to visit a page and be waiting for long for it to load; It’s actually discouraging. A good load time, shouldn’t be more than 4 seconds to load. Although many factors can cause a poor load time, but below are some of the common things that can cause it:

  • Too many plugins: Make sure you don’t overload your site with too many irrelevant plugins. Just install the ones that you need the most, and delete the rest. Don’t leave any plugin you are not using inactive on your site, just delete everything and leave only those active ones you are using.
  • Code density
  • Heavy images: Make sure you don’t use heavy images on your site, as that make your site heavy to load. I prefer you use webp picture format for all your images, as it is way liter for your site to load.
  • JavaScript issues
  • Catching issues
  • Excessive redirects
  • Poor hosting

So the above are the possible causes of slow loading on any website, whatsoever. Once you can overcome the things i listed above, then you are good to go.

Quality back-links is a helpful SEO content strategy that works well. Most especially when the back-links are from related big niches/sites, with strong DA (Domain Authority). Quality back-links proves to google and other search engines that you actually know what you are doing. And it will drastically increase your site’s Domain Authority. When your Domain Authority is being increased, then it helps in ranking your contents/sites on various search engines. When building back-links, you have to be mindful of the following:

  • Be mindful of links built through spamming
  • Avoid sponsored links
  • Avoid back-links from irrelevant sites
  • Don’t accept back-links from non indexed sites.
  • Avoid back-links that has the same anchor that the page target as keyword

Just try as much as possible to avoid toxic and bad links, as they will cause you more harm than good. It will de-rank your site drastically

9. Regularly update your contents

Make sure you regularly update your contents to be up to date. Nobody wants to read an old and outdated content. So Google and other search engines tend to appreciate contents that are up to date, hereby ranking them first. This is because, they believe those contents will be more useful than the others. Sometimes, you can republish some contents after updating them, to make them look fresh and new to search engines. Anyways, i would suggest you update your contents once every 4 Months, to keep it relevant and new. This is one low key SEO content strategy that is sometimes neglected by many.

10. Conduct regular site audits

It is so good that time to time you conduct site audits on your site. This is so important as it helps you to know what part of your site you need to work on, or improve on. What you check mostly when carrying out a site audits is the technicalities of your site. To know if your site is still functioning well technically. Secondly check for your SEO performance, are your SEO still effective, and active or not. So these are the few things you need to check.

11. Develop page authority

Another huge factor to SEO content strategy is DA (Domain Authority) of your page/site. High DA increases the chances of your blog being ranked on search engines; SERPS. Just like i said above, increasing your back-links and building them also increases your DA. This is one important SEO content strategy out there. So try as much as possible to always increase your DA, no matter what, especially if your blog is still new.

12. Optimize meta description

Meta descriptions is so important for SEO Content strategy as it helps your readers get a look at what the content is all about before opening the content. Study and experience show that a good meta description, attracts more the attention of readers/users. Now in writing the meta description, just make sure the key-phrases are included there as that is a very good SEO content strategy. It’s a good way to optimize. Guess you are a bit tired of the long story right? Don’t worry as we have come to an ending to this article.


SEO is very important in all aspect of contents and sites. Your sites and contents are almost useless without SEO. If you can observe the listed SEO content strategies i listed above, then bet me you are good to go. Please do not skip any of the SEO Content strategy listed above, as they are all very important. Enjoy and have a beautiful ride.

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