How To Customize A Blog| How To Set Up A WordPress Website

You are all welcome once again to this wonderful piece. I am so happy once again to take you through the process of how to customize a blog. It is no doubt many newbies are finding it difficult to find the correct information on how to set u a WordPress Website. Please search no more, for you are on the right page. I love you all!

Customizing a blog is apparently the last stage of setting up a WordPress website or blog. In this stage, you customize your blog to have the exact look you want it to have. Please when customizing your blog, just make sure its appearance speaks a whole lot about the niche you are into. So in the next paragraph, we are going to be seeing how to customize a blog; that’s the stage by stage processes. So please read so carefully to see how to set up a WordPress website. Let’s start!

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How To Customize A Blog| How To Set Up A WordPress Website

Below are the entire process of setting up or customizing a blog. It’s not as hard as you think, so relax friend. So let’s all see how to customize a blog;

  1. Choose your desired theme
  2. Design and set your site identity
  3. Customize your Primary Menu
  4. Customize your Secondary Menu
  5. Install the necessary plugins
  6. Start writing contents

1. Step one of How to customize a blog: Choose your desired theme

Login to your WordPress dashboard and click on Appearance

The above screenshot show the first thing you need to do when trying to customize your blog. First of all, you need to login to your WordPress dashboard. Then Click on Appearance and select Themes to display a new page where you can select your desired theme.

Click on add new theme

From the picture above, click on the Add New Theme button to add a new theme. Don’t forget you will get to this point from the previous stage. When you click on add new theme, a new page will appear where you will search for the kind of theme you want to use. Then select, Install and activate your new theme. Don’t forget that the kind of theme you use is very important when you are considering how to customize a blog.

Select and Install your new theme

After clicking on “Add new theme”, then this page in the picture above will appear. Please search for the actual theme you want from the search box on the top right side. After searching for, then click on Install, for the theme to be installed. After installing, please click on the activate theme to have your theme activated. Please note, some theme may require you to automatically install some plugins to make it work accurately. Some of them would suggest plugins, please install the suggested plugins if you find them so important, else, forget about it.

So the whole process of this first step is the first thing to do when you are asking how to customize a blog or how to setup a WordPress website. It’s unavoidably important.

2. Step two of How to customize a blog: Design and set your site identity

Navigate to the Customization settings

To add your site identity and logo, just according to the screenshot above, on your dashboard, move your mouse pointer to Appearance, then click on Customize. It will take you to a navigation setting where you will do all your custom settings.

Click on the site identity option

So from the previous stage, after clicking on the Customize option. This customization setting page will display. Then select the ‘Site Identity’ option. to edit your site identity; that’s where you will insert your logo, site title, tagline, and site icon.

Edit your site identity

This is where you will insert you site logo, site title, tagline and the site icon. Please make sure your logo speaks allot about your blog, and its niche. And also make sure your site title, and tagline also speak more of your blog and what it is for. Site Icon is the icon your URL displays with, when someone searches for your blog. So you are free to use your logo for your site icon, just as mine. Thanks. This is all for this stage. Believe you are beginning to learn how to customize a blog right? Please this steps is just a part of how to set up a WordPress website. Setting up a WordPress website is more a long process than this.

3. Customize your Primary Menu

your primary menu is usually at the header of your blog. I personally prefer using my ‘Home tab’, and categories for my primary header. As this gives my users the freedom to easily navigate through my blog. The picture above shows what i am trying to explain to you. In my blog, i choose the home, and my categories as my primary menu, then other pages as my secondary menu.

To get to this page, you follow the previous process, and select the menu option from the list of customization options. Then select create the menu name. Then select the primary menu in the menu location. Trust you are getting to know very well of how to customize a blog? Please just read to the ending and don’t skip any step at all.

4. Customize your Secondary Menu

Just like i said above, your secondary menu is the menu after your primary menu. I usually use other pages like, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, About us, Contact us, as my secondary menu. I would prefer you set the location of your secondary menu to the footer. As this would give your blog a wonder look and avoid it from being crowded at the top.

Although sometimes, some people to set both their primary and secondary menu at the top of the blog (Header). And some love to set the secondary menu at the very top of the header and the primary menu at the header of the blog. So how ever you want to set your, please you are free to. But i would advise you set yours exactly the way i did mine, for easy Adsense approval. Believe you are getting through on how to customize your blog? Then stay put while we jump into the last step.

Please make so sure you are updating every changes you are making on your blog when customizing it. And also make sure you are publishing the changes too.

5. Install the necessary plugins

After customizing all your settings in the site customization page, then the next stage is to install necessary plugins. Please i mean WordPress plugins.

Recommended Plugins to install on a new WordPress Blog:

  1. Yoast SEO
  2. Easy Table of Contents
  3. Loginizer
  4. Wp Rocket
  5. Smush Pro

6. Start writing contents

After all said and done, the next big thing to do is to start writing good contents. Having a blog is not just the big deal. The main big deal is good contents. You can have a good blog interface, but if your contents are poor, then you might not get good traffic or good leads. This is the time you have to be an expert in what you do. This is why it is very advisable to blog about something you understand so well, so that you can be able to deliver quality contents/articles.

Thinking of how to customize a blog? then this part is very very essential. And for other site builders like E-commerce sites asking for how to set up a WordPress website, all you need after completing the above steps, is to upload/post good and quality products as well. Please for those building for an e-commerce sites, you need to install a woo-commerce script, cos that is where you are going to get all the features you need for your products.


I believe from the above steps and explanations, you are able to understand and learn how to customize a blog. And also how to set up a WordPress website? There is no way you will follow the above steps that you wouldn’t be able to build and customize a good WordPress site/blog. Please i would advise you do this with allot of patience, because it really requires one. I must say i am well pleased to put you through how to customize a blog. See you on our next post on blogging, Love you all.


Question: Is it easy to customize a WordPress blog?

Yes it is easy to customize a WordPress blog, because you don’t need to start coding from the beginning. An already designed templates is there for you.

Question: What is blog customization?

Blog customization is the process of setting up or customizing your blog to your desired format or look. This is done to suit what you designing it for.

Question: Do i need technical skills to customize my blog?

While technical skills are so important for web designs. WordPress offers a user-friendly interface that permits you to develop websites/blogs on their platform without any formal coding skills.

Question: Which CMS platforms is best for customizing blogs?

From history till date, WordPress is best when it comes to customizing blogs and websites. WordPress is easily navigated, and user friendly too.

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